Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lads and Lassies of Room 218

Little leprechauns busy at work....


I Love the planning and execution of these plans...

A few more traps...

Did we catch any leprechauns?

Not this time.

Take a look at our LEPRECHAUN LOOT...

We did some fun activities that were theme related.

Math- Shamrock 10 frames

Rainbow slide- A partner game where each child sounded out and read the CVC word and moved on the game board

POT-OF-GOLD CVC words (real and nonsense) with rainbow writing

Just right for me writing:  Each child was given their own writing prompt on a colorful shamrock

Our special guest reader- Delia

Until next time....

Learning- Seussical style

Theodor Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss was an expert at rhyming and making reading a fun and silly experience.  We have spent the last several weeks enjoying all the fun these books had to offer.  The photos and descriptions to follow will provide a snapshot into our learning experiences you can talk with your children about.

Introductory lesson.

Here is a link to the Google Slides I used with the children to begin this new theme.

click here

Here are a few activities we explored with.

Building word families

Dr. Seuss books have many rhyming words and words in the same word family.  Several activities this week had the children practicing these skills.

Building CVC words - real and nonsense words

THE FOOT BOOK inspired us to have our feet painted...

Seuss-y math activities

Measuring our own foot prints with non-standard units;

Which one doesn't belong?  
Children take turns explaining their thinking as to why they feel one of the pictures is the one that does not belong with the others.  #growthmindset

Weaving patterns THE CAT IN THE HAT way

Tapping into our creativity and imaginations. 
Use your footprint to make something new.

"a dinosaur"

"a tree"

"a door"

Seuss-y ART

What can you do with STRIPES?

Science connections 

This story provided us the opportunity to revisit our SOLID and LIQUID investigation.

What do you THINK before we investigate?
What do you KNOW after our experiment?

A yummy, stripey snack


Wacky Wednesday Fun...

Mr. Labb was our guest reader.... He read THE CAT IN THE HAT

Until next time......